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About Andrionna L. Williams, LLC

Andrionna was educated in parochial schools in both Las Vegas, Nevada and Los Angeles, California. After graduating from St. Mary’s Academy in Inglewood, California, Williams attended Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she also resided for 15 years.

2012 & 2014 NAACP Author Award Winner and Theater Nominee, Andrionna is no stranger to writing; she began writing at the tender young age of 10 years old. Williams’s first literary piece was titled “I Am Somebody” (published in Nevada). She also wrote for her college newspaper, The Southern Digest, as well as some free-lance writings for The Answer newspaper as well as, others. However, In-Laws From Hell was her first published novel.

In-Laws From Hell has actually been blessed to see a whole other level. It has been branded and also has several novelty items to purchase. 
Williams debuted her radio sitcom “You Don’t Know My Hell on July 6, 2010, Webisodes November 12, 2010’, Stage play debuted February 26,2011 at The Orleans Hotel & Casino, and a themed reality show debuted October 11’. Wilshire Ebell in Los Angeles August 2014, Halton Theater in Charlotte, North Carolina October 2014 and Horn Theater in North Las Vegas September 2015.  And a 6 City tour beginning June of 2017.

Williams has been featured on both The Michael Baisden and Doug Banks shows and was being filmed for the Mo'Nique Show before the cancellation of the show! Williams has also been invited to be on The Dr. Phil Show but declined!

At this moment, award winning writer, Andrionna is working on several projects, to which, include an Erotic Anthology for Enrapture, a WOW Factor column in Drama Scene Magazine, along with being a featured writer in Independent Artist Magazine.  Not to mention, touring with the HIT stage play In-Laws From Hell!
Her short story titled Loves Last Secret can be read in The Heat of Passion erotic anthology. 

Her sophomore novel YOUR WOMAN IS MY WIFE, to which, will also become a stage play and Loving ME... So I can Love you: An Enhancement Guide for the Overwhelmed Parent. Williams is working on a Crime Thriller novel to which will become a TV series.
The screenplay UNTIL DEATH DO WE PART is too, in the works. 
She has even ventured out to create a comic strip and cartoon that will be illustrated by Cartoonist Will James titled “Jarvis”.

Williams is also responsible for several award winning pieces due to her being a famed “Ghostwriter”. So just because you don’t see her name don’t think before a shadow of the doubt she isn’t the mastermind behind it!
Hollywood has seen many talents but none like ANDRIONNA L. WILLIAMS!

Andrionna’s creativeness and ambition caught the eyes and ears of Leftfield Entertainment and A&E that they debuted Monster in Laws a reality series that focuses on married couples dealing with In-Law issues based from her attention catching novel, stage play, and brand IN-LAWS FROM HELL. Williams has received several awards like the Featured Author (NAACP) Diamond International Award, Black Essence Award, California Film Award just to name a few not to mention, she has interviews in the Los Angeles Times, Pointe Coupee Banner, Times Picayune, Las Vegas Review Journal, and several other publications as well as entertainment magazines like Black Image Magazine, both shelf and internet!

Andrionna is also a licensed cosmetologist in two states and also has a vested interest in Real Estate and various other business ventures that include her Non-Profit organization(s) that assists victims of Domestic Violence and Youth in the Arts. And Father's Care a 501c3 that assists fathers through unfair Child Support cases.
In addition to... It’s All About Me bath and body line… which is Andrionna’s new venture that launched June 29, 2012 in Los Angeles, CA on a yacht ride.
Andrionna currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with her three (3) beautiful sons.

You want to know how she does it…. JUST ASK!